Danny Shore Benefit Raffle Information & Tickets

A benefit raffle is being held to help Danny Shore and his family meet the costs associated with his recent brain surgeries. The hosts of the raffle, Harriet and Hugh Herfer would like to invite you look over the prizes donated by the generous sponsors. Hit the link and get some tickets and be sure to pass the word along. Danny and his family appreciate all the support and kind wishes extended from everyone in such a wonderful community





Tickets are only $10 each and you can get Three Tickets for $25


To Purchase tickets go to  PayPal and put the account  lcox003@woh.rr.com into the send money section. Send a payment to lcox003@woh.rr.com in the amount for the number of tickets you want. It only takes a couple minutes and it’s for a great cause. Just go to PayPal and send payment to lcox003@woh.rr.com


Please send via Friends & Family and indicate how many tickets you wish to get.


Donations may be made to this same account.


A special drawing will be held for people living outside of North America. The Rattray Limited Edition 110th Anniversary (item #2) will be the prize. To enter this special drawing you must indicate in your ticket purchase the word “Rattray”. This will designate your entry into the special drawing. 


Winners will be drawn October 21st, 2018 on the Harriet Herfer YouTube channel.



To find out your ticket number and to ensure you have been entered please go to     https://briarreport.com/danny-shore-raffle-tickets/



      Here is a list of some of the prizes that have been donated so far


   Rattray’s Kelpy 60

Donated by Tobaccopipes.com

The rustication of this new brushed series is dark and wild. The ‘Kelpy’ is a legendary ghost, showing itself in the form of a water horse. With a black and wet mane, it promises the traveler save passage to the other side of the river. But once on the back of the Kelpy, the traveler gets pulled under water and becomes the ghosts next feast. It is said, the one who manages to subdue and tame the Kelpy, will have a mount for ever on.




   Rattray’s Limited Edition 110th Anniversary – Smooth #14/100

Prize for Overseas Entrants

Donated by Tobaccopipes.com

60s Chimney billard shape. For Charles Rattray’s 110th Anniversary we present this limited edition pipe. The extra long Chimney shape is without filter, each finish is limited to only 110 pipes and individually numbered. The pipe is delivered in a deluxe gift box with certificates etc. This is the hand selected natural premium version. No flaws or fillings with acrylic tapered stem.


This pipe will be raffled to all those entering from outside of North America. When entering please be sure to write “Rattray” in the comments section when buying your tickets. If you are overseas please make sure you indicate “Rattray” to get in this special drawing.





   Dagner Built Custom Devil Anse “Rustic”

Donated by Dagner Pipes

Model: Built Custom Series

Style: P8 CWA Devil Anse Rustic

Shape: Devil Anse

Length: 4.01 in. / 101.93 mm.

Height: 1.61 in. / 40.93 mm.

Weight: .9 oz. / 25 g.

Bowl Depth: 1.09 in. / 27.86 mm.

Bowl Outside Diameter: 1.39 in. / 35.39 mm.

Bowl Inside Diameter: 0.62 in. / 15.89 mm.

Filter: None

Thrown in for good measure, some Dagner Swag!




   Dagner Custom Built Cob

Donated by Dagner Pipes



Dagner Poker Cob was designed by Jayson Dagner in the classic poker style

The pipe is fitted with a durable acrylic stem, which means it will last even longer than a regular Missouri Meerschaum cob. Brand: Dagner Pipes Model: Poker Cob Style: Poker Cob Shape: Poker Length: 4.38 in. Height: 2.01 in.Weight: 1.4 oz.

Again, more Dagner Swag!



   Savinelli Smooth Joker No. 111

Donated by Tobaccopipes.com

Billiard Length: 5.87 in. / 149.10 mm. Height: 1.98 in. / 50.29 mm. Weight: 1.69 oz. / 47.91 g. Bowl Depth: 1.75 in. / 44.45 mm. Bowl Outside Diameter: 1.54 in. / 39.12 mm. Bowl Inside Diameter: 0.87 in. / 22.10 mm. Filter: 6 mm Balsa Finish: Smooth Bowl Material: Briar Stem Material: Acrylic





   Morgan Blackjack 24 Hawkbill Poker  (Two Pipes in drawing)

Donated by Morgan Pipes

Hawkbill donated for outside the US by Smoking Fireman

The Hawkbill Poker has a mighty presence. At almost 2′ wide with a 7/8″ chamber, it is the largest pipe in the Blackjack line. So feel free to chooch away and rest assured that it will stay nice and cool in the hand. Or drive some nails with it 🙂 Either way, the Hawkbill Poker has you covered.


External: 5.5′”L x 1.9′ W x 1.8″ Tall

Internal: 7/8″ x 1.2″ Deep

Weight: 3 oz.



    Savinelli Quercia

Donated by Eddie Gray at The Pipe Nook

Savinelli’s classic “315” Prince shape, bumped up to “EX” proportions and finished in a lovely, warm style, this Solaria is quite a charming piece, featuring a light walnut contrast stain and a mouthpiece of tangerine-colored acrylic

Description: Smokingpipes.com




    Savinelli Solaris Smooth Ex

Donated by Eddie Gray at The Pipe Nook

The finish is dark, very slightly and subtly warm, and rusticated in a neat striated texture; this is all very well and good, but the real point here is sheer, brute scale. These pipes are in a word, jumbo. The main point of that of course is chamber volume, wherein they certainly do excel.



Description: Smokingpipes.com


    Marble wood Pipe & Tamper

Donated by Olivewood Piper

Beautiful handmade Olive wood pipe with hand turned tamper.










    Morgan Bones Pipe

Donated by Morgan Pipes


These pipes are as bare-bones as it gets. We’ve turned a blind eye to flaws on the surface of these pipes to bring you the most honest and affordable briar pipe on the market.

Each pipe has been finished only with a coat of pure Carnauba wax to allow the owner to watch it color over the years. All are fitted with an acrylic stem and Delrin tenon.



    Morgan Bones Pipe

Donated by Morgan Pipes


These pipes are as bare-bones as it gets. We’ve turned a blind eye to flaws on the surface of these pipes to bring you the most honest and affordable briar pipe on the market.

Each pipe has been finished only with a coat of pure carnauba wax to allow the owner to watch it color over the years. All are fitted with an acrylic stem and Delrin tenon.




    Two Cigar Rests

Donated by AshboxByDerek (Etsy)



Solid Hardwood “X” style Cigar Rest.

100% Handmade in USA.

Imprinted with the United States Flag







    Mason Jar with Leather Topper

Donated by Elwood Maker



The best way to store your opened tins of tobacco has always been the mason jar. This jar has been custom fitted with a hand tooled leather top.

Included are several packs of Sharrow Pipe Filters.





    Pipe From the Private Collection of Danny Shore

Beautiful sitter selected from Dan’s private collection by Sue Dunhill. The pipe is in fantastic condition and will be a gem in anyone’s collection.


     Signed Rocky Patel Burn         Humidor


The ornate Burn humidor holds 50 cigars and features the iconic design featured on the Burn Lighter available in 4 color inlays on solid cedar.









Holds 100 cigars
Dimensions: 13.25″ L x 9.5″ W x 4.88″ H
Includes divider slat
Hygrometer & humidification devices not included






  3 Bags of the amazing            PNEUMA Coffee

Donated by Pneuma Coffee



 Pneuma Coffee roasts some of the most delicious specialty grade beans available while maintaining our commitment to breathing life into communities near and far.

Included are three bags, one each of the House Blend, Guatemala and Colombia.

This is the best coffee you’ll ever have.




2 Pipe Great Dane Gift Set

Donated by Missouri Meerschaum



The Missouri Meerschaum Great Dane 2-Pipe Gift Set consists of one each of the familiar Spool and the Spindle bowls. One pipe has a straight stem, and one has a bent stem.








             Bearded Assassins 

Donated by Bearded Assassins Co.

Quality Handmade Beard Care Products.

Veteran owned and operated company! ‘MERICA!
Prize Pack includes;

Two (2) Bearded Assassins Custom Can Koozies

1 oz bottle of .50 Cal Beard Oil

1 oz bottle of KBar Beard Oil

Beard Brush

Beard Comb






             Esoterica Pipe Tobacco                             

Donated by Smoking Fireman

One tin of Esoterica Stonehaven

One tin of Esoterica Penzance







        OMS COFFEE

Donated by OMS Pipes

Their House Blend Coffee can be found here


One pound of OMS Coffee beans.






  Talamona Margaret Pipe

Donated by Corvette Jim Piper

Comes with a leather pipe stand.



Ropp Superior Smooth Pipe and Tin of HH Burley Flake Pipe Tobacco

Donated by Mel Harris

A classic French pipe with natural stain that shows off the fantastic grain and features a horn stem.










Tin of Pelican Pipe Tobacco and a Tin of Balkan Sobranie Pipe Tobacco

Donated by Mel Harris








    Tin of Brown Sugar Flake and Xikar Lighter

Donated by Smokey Mo

Tin of Samuel Gawith Brown Sugar Flake Pipe Tobacco

and a Xikar Resource II Black With Gunmetal Pipe Lighter With Fold Out Pipe Tools







Tin of Esoterica Tilbury


Donated by Max Wolf NW











Special Drawing of Tin of Esoterica Penzance and an Uncle Butter Custom Pipe Tamper


Donated by Mel Harris 

and the one and only, a YTPC Superstar, Oh-oh-oh ole Uncle Butter!

This amazing prize is going to someone who makes a video, posts a mention on social media or writes about the benefit on their blog and inspires someone to buy a ticket. When you buy a ticket be sure to tell Miss Harriet where you heard about the benefit raffle and that person will be entered in this special drawing. This is possibly the finest prize in the entire raffle. A hard to get pipe tobacco and a one of kind hand made tamper.












Moonshine Pipe and Tin of HH Old Dark Fired

Brand new Moonshine pipe Donated by Ladon Mott























Raffle Sponsors Include: